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For more than 18 years, mybey and its founders have cultivated a robust presence in the Tech and Internet sectors across Europe and the US.

mybey actively engages in early-stage investments, providing comprehensive support to startups by offering hands-on assistance in Sales & Marketing, Business Strategy, and Next-Round Financing.

In our consulting endeavors, we specialize in crafting tailored product development, online marketing, and market entry strategies for both emerging and established enterprises. Over the years, we have demonstrated a proven track record of success, having assisted numerous companies in achieving their growth objectives. Notable examples include:


  • 1&1                               Launch of the US and UK subsidiaries 


  • Fotolia                           Launch of Fotolia (Adobe Stock) in Germany



  • Trend Micro                   Worldwide launch of TMs online storage product "safeSync" 


  • Eatstar                          Business model development (sold to Lieferando in 2011)


  • Host-Europe-Group      Brand Consolidation and turn Turnaround Management 


  • Grafenfels                     Development & launch of award-winning mattress brand  


  • more upon request ...







Please contact us if you would like to get more information on our consulting services. info@mybey.de 

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