what we do 


For over 18 years mybey and its founders have been building up Tech & Internet companies throughout Europe and the US.


mybey is also investing early stage in start ups, helping founders very hands on with Sales & Marketing, Business-Strategy and Next-Round-Financing.  


On the consulting side we are focusing on developing product-, online-marketing- and market entry- strategies also for established companies.  Over the years we have successfully helped numerous companies with their growth strategies. Some of them being:



  • 1&1                               Sales & Marketing launch of US and UK subsidaries 


  • Fotolia                           Launch of fotolia in Germany



  • Trend Micro                   Worldwide launch of their online storage product "safeSync" 


  • Eatstar                          Business modell development (sold to Lieferando in 2011)


  • Host-Europe-Group      Brand consolidation and turn around management 


  • Grafenfels                     (SLEEPZ AG) Mattress brand development and launch 


  • more upon request ...







Please contact us if you would like to get more information on our consulting services. info@mybey.de 

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